Academic Programmes

The campus offers attractive, market driven courses which include;

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
    a)    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education: (Educational Administration, Curriculum studies, Planning and Economics of Education).

  2. Masters Programmes;
    a)    Master of Education (MED) : (Educational Administration, Curriculum studies, Planning and Economics of Education)
    b)    Master of Business Administration (MBA): (Finance, Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Project Planning options).
    c)    Master of Science (MSC) in Agricultural Resource Management
    d)    Master of Science(MSC)  in Livestock Production Systems
    e)    Master of Science(MSC)  in Agronomy
    f)    Master of science(MSC)  in Environmental Management
    g)    Master of Science in Public Health
    h)    Master of Science in Infectious Diseases
    i)    Master of Science in International Health
    j)    Master of Science in Epidemiology
    k)    Master of Arts Kiswahili
    l)    Master of Arts in Sociology
    m)    Master of Arts in Gender and Development studies

  3. Bachelor’s Degrees;
    a)    Bachelor of Education (Arts)
    b)    Bachelor of Education ( Early Childhood)
    c)    Bachelor of Commerce
    d)    Bachelor of Procurement & Supply Chain Management
    e)    Bachelor of Economics & Statistics
    f)    Bachelor of Information Systems
    g)    Bachelor of Arts ( Social Work and Community Development)
    h)    Bachelor of Science in Public Health
    i)    Bachelor of Science in Population Health

  4. Diploma Courses
    a)    Diploma in Education
    b)    Diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECE)
    c)    Diploma in Social Work and Social Development
    d)    Diploma in Civic Leadership and Community Development
    e)    Diploma in Human Resource Management
    f)    Diploma in Business Management
    g)    Diploma in Sales and Marketing
    h)    Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management

  5. Short course;
    a)    CPA part 1 section 1 and 2