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School:                     Education
Department:            Educational Administration & Planning
Position:                   Lecturer
Specialization:          Curriculum Development
Research interests: Drug & Substance Abuse, Parenting, Youth and Development;   Curriculum &Instruction

Dr. Redempta Maithya is a Senior Lecturer at the South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) Department of Educational Administration and Planning. She has a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in Curriculum Studies (Socio-Education), from the University of South Africa. She is a holder of Master of Education Degree in Curriculum Studies and a Bachelor of Education (Arts) all from Kenyatta University. Dr. Maithya has a Diploma in Management from Kenya Institute of Management. She is trained in ISO Standard Quality Management Systems (QMS). Prior to joining SEKU, she taught for over 15 years at Machakos Girls and Kenya Technical Teachers College, where she held different administrative positions. At SEKU she has held various positions as chair and member of various committees; and Coordinator of SEKU-Tala Campus. Currently she is a member of University of South Africa (UNISA) Alumni. She has supervised a number of postgraduate students. She has special interest in Research, Human Resource Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Curriculum & Instruction amongst others. Dr. Maithya has presented papers at National and International conferences. She has published books and journal articles.


2005 - 2010   -   Doctor of Education (PhD), University of South Africa (UNISA).
2004 – 2005   -   Diploma in Management, Kenya Institute of Management.
1993 – 1995   -   Master of Education – Curriculum Studies, Kenyatta University.
1984 – 1987   -   Bachelor of Education (Arts) - Upper Division, Second Class Honors,
                            Kenyatta University.
1981 – 1982   -   Bishop Gatimu, Ngandu Girls High School. Attained Kenya Advanced
                           Certificate of Education (KACE)
1977 – 1980   -   Precious Blood Secondary School (Kilungu). Attained Kenya Certificate
                           of  Education (KCE).
1970 – 1976   -   Kyale Primary School, Makueni District. Attained Certificate of
                           Primary Education (CPE)
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